Visiting castles and chateaux

Zřícenina TroskyWe would like to inform you about the possibilities of trips, which you can make in the surrounding area of our hotel - Bohemian Paradise.

Sychrov Castle

Visitors can view neo-Gothic interiors, Rohan Gallery – a collection of French portrait painting art, the largest in Central Europe, English-style park with exotic wood species + Liberec (a trip to Ještěd Mountain – a cable car, offering views of the Liberec hollow, Jizerské Mountains and Podještědí, as well as a part of Poland and Germany or further on Krkonoše) Sychrov – Castle Restaurant – possibility of lunching there

Visit to the Rock Town - Drábské světničky (Catchpoll’s Rooms)

In the direction of the village of Březina, a castle was built in a huge rock massif in the 13th century, rock blocks were interconnected with wooden bridges, and rooms were carved out in the rock. 18 of these have been preserved up to this day. The place offers a beautiful view of the landscape. Other possibilities: Krásná vyhlídka (Beautiful View) Restaurant, ruins of the Castle of Valečov + the village of Svijanský újezd (a visit to the Krásná vyhlídka Brewery or Svijany Brewery – possibility of lunching there)

Pantheon Malá Skála (Small Rock)

– a castle and a viewing point – ruins of the Castle of Frýdštejn, (3km), Suché skály (Dry Rocks)

Kost Castle

One of the best preserved Gothic castles in Bohemia, the Plakánek Valley (we recommend a hiking trip through this valley into the village of Vesec, with a group of the Jizersky type log cottages and demonstration of excellent timberwork, used as film exteriors – approx. 3 km), the town of Sobotka – Humprecht, a hunting lodge

Hrubá Skála (Rough Rock)

A castle of the same name, Mary’s viewing point– this place offers the most photographed view of Czech Paradise overlooking Valdštejn Castle (a castle with stone bridges decorated with Baroque sculptures) and the Castle of Trosky (the castle ruins are the characteristic dominating feature of the region and one of the symbols of Bohemian Paradise, Trosky is one of the most frequently visited castles in the Czech Republic). We recommend an undemanding hiking trip from Hrubá Skála to Valdštejn Castle with a beautiful view of Hrubá Skála Rock Town – approx. 6 km. Hrubá Skála – the castle – possibility of lunching there, Valdštejn Castle - refreshment

Sightseeing in Turnov

- the Bohemian Paradise Museum (a unique collection of jewels, the best known exhibit is the panoramic painting of “Slaughter of the Saxons under Hrubá Skála” – one of the largest oil paintings in Central Europe, 10x8.5 m), Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of St. Nicolas, Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, Castle of Hrubý Rohozec